2016 Warriors media day: notable quotes from Draymond Green

The Golden State Warriors held their annual media day this past Monday. As expected, Draymond Green had very strong opinions in his first media availability of the season. Here are a few of his more notable quotes.

On gearing up for the season after an eventful summer 

I take the good with the bad. Move on. You learn from things that happened, whether they are good or bad, and move ahead. I think I definitely have grown up a lot coming into this season. The obvious is I need to work on my game and try to better the things I want to get better at. But overall I come into the season as a better man. I think that’s more important than anything.

On numerous roster changes

It will definitely be different. Obviously adding KD and a lot of guys. This team, with the exception of five or six guys, looks completely different than it has the last two years. I think if you are not getting better, you are getting worse. I’m not so sure how good we would have been coming into this season with the same exact teams because eventually stuff starts gets to get old. It starts to get boring. I’m looking forward to the challenge of growing with the guys that are new here and continuing to grow with the guys that are still here.

On the aggressive pursuit of Kevin Durant

Like I said before, if you are not getting better, you are getting worse. Our team did some great things and possibly could have done more. When you add a player like that to the mix of something that was already pretty good, I think it’s going to make us better. I say that knowing that everything isn’t going to be great from day one. I don’t expect it to be great and I’d be very shocked if it was. But at the same time that’s why you have a regular season. That’s why you have a preseason to work on those things to continue to get better and gear up for the playoffs. I’m looking forward to that.

On Colin Kaepernick and national anthem protests

I respect Colin for that because he took a stand that he knew would probably create some controversy and he didn’t care. I respect that because sometimes controversy is needed in order to get a point across and I think he’s gotten his point across. But my question is what’s next with people taking action. Now that the conversation has started, he’s done a great job. Everybody wants to criticize him kneeling down or say he’s disrespecting the flag or disrespecting the military. It’s not disrespect. He’s trying to show people that something needs to be done. And of course if you turn on TV, everything people want to talk about is Colin Kaepernick kneeling down and disrespecting America. No he’s not. But nobody wants to face or talk about the real problem. So we’re going to talk about what he’s doing and try to sweep what he’s really talking about under the rug. I think it’s pretty ridiculous, to be quite frank.

On if Warriors/Cavaliers has turned into a full-blown rivalry

When you’re talking about a six-game series that we won and a seven-game series that they won, eventually it starts to become a rivalry. The most important thing that makes a rivalry is you have to have talent. Both teams have a lot of talent. Some talent that’s a little older. Some talent that’s a little younger. Some talent that’s right in their prime. That’s the true making of a rivalry. Obviously you have to win. Both sides got to win. Both sides have won. So I think it’s something that’s definitely growing. But it’s also one of those things that if you don’t get to the Finals, you can’t have that rivalry anyway. We have a lot of work to do in order to get back to that point.


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2016 Warriors media day: notable quotes from Stephen Curry (part 2), David West, Zaza Pachulia

The Golden State Warriors held their annual media day on Monday. Reigning two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry spoke for more than 15 minutes. Here is part two of some of his more notable quotes, along with David West and Zaza Pachulia.

Stephen Curry

On the start of training camp

This day is always weird. No matter how your season ends. It’s always a lot of different emotions and thoughts that go into this day because it does mark the start of a new year. I know guys have been in the gym working out for months and months getting ready. So there’s a little bit of anxiousness, excitement, a little bit of unknown because obviously for us it’s a total different roster and a different experience coming off of this year July versus last year July. So we’re kind of just taking a shot. Everything starts to flow after this day. Looking forward to another nine-month journey.

On pressure this season versus last season

There’s no more pressure than there was last year. Coming off a championship, trying to defend it, with the regular season that we had, getting to Game 7 of the Finals, that was so much fun. It’s what you live for. It’s what you play for. This year we’re as confident as we were last year. But it will be a different journey. Our expectations are really, really high, which they should be. We just have to kind of just get wrapped up in it. Like we say every year on this day, you can’t fast forward to April and to the playoffs. You’ve got to stay in the moment. So for us that’s even more important with the changes that we made because we have to adjust and just take each day as an opportunity to get better.

On praise during the season and criticism over the summer

It didn’t bother me much at all. Talk about like how the finals ended. It obviously did not go our way. It didn’t go my way. What are you going to do about it, but what’s next? That’s the only thing I really think about. I never got too wrapped up in the praise either. It’s obviously a much better feeling, but I never feed off of that, because it doesn’t change how I play. It doesn’t change who I am. Criticism just you hear it and having a human emotional reaction to it. Depends on how you channel it, you move on. It doesn’t really bother me or affect the way that I go about my daily life or how I play on the court.

On his role in the recruitment of Kevin Durant

No secret who was in the room in the Hamptons during his recruiting process. So I was obviously a part of that, chiming in on who we are as a team, an organization, how he would fit into what we do, how the transition would probably be. And how much I wanted to win. So all those are pretty just honest answers about how I see the situation. We stayed in contact after the meeting. I don’t know how much of an effect what I said along the way had on his actual decision, but you wanted to try to have as much transparency and give him all the information that he would need to make the best decision for him.

David West

On choosing the Warriors

I came to try to win, an opportunity to win, have fun. Continue this journey. Making every day mean something, which is important to me at this stage. So this opportunity to win, opportunity to play in a pick and roll system, pretty much it.

On his role on the team

I’m just going to be a basketball player on this team. Play a couple different positions. Play to my strengths. Be able to play at the top of the floor. Set a lot of screens. It’s mostly about impact as a basketball player, and obviously being able to provide some leadership, a steady calm in the locker room.

On the backlash Kevin Durant received

Every year NBA teams change. No team really stays the same. I think there’s a little bit more for us because of his name and the caliber of guy he is. But he made a decision that he doesn’t regret, obviously, and felt it was in his best interests.

Zaza Pachulia

On choosing the Warriors

I thought it was a perfect fit. I think we’re going to compliment each other, my game with these guys. So after that talking to coach also made me convinced that it was the right place for me to come.

On how his game fit in with the Warriors

What this team needs from the big man is obviously to set good screens offensively, freeing up the guys. Making the free throws. Defensively: rebound, defense, talking. All the little things basically and doing the dirty work to help these guys and to help the team to win the games.

On practicing yoga

Actually yesterday I went there too. I ended up going to the place where coach Steve Kerr is going. I’ve been doing yoga for a couple years now, starting in Atlanta, where the team brought this lady who was helping the team to stretch and work on balance in the court. Since the first session I really liked it. But last year was huge because the whole Dallas team was basically into it. It started with the trainers, the coaches, the players. So you can call me yogi.


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2016 Warriors media day: notable quotes from Kevon Looney, Anderson Varejao, Stephen Curry (part 1)

The Golden State Warriors kicked off the 2016-17 NBA season by hosting their annual media day on Monday at the team’s practice facility in downtown Oakland. Here are some notable quotes from Kevon Looney, Anderson Varejao and reigning two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry (part one).

Kevon Looney

On his recovery from hip surgery in late April

Right now I feel close to 100 percent. I’ve been training on the court for the last two to three weeks and had no problems. The doctors gave me clearance to go 100 percent in practice. So looking forward to trying it out. I feel comfortable in my hips and I think I’m 100 percent.

On playing with new hips

It’s much better. Playing basketball before was painful. For like two years stretches I had a lot of pain playing. So I didn’t feel comfortable doing certain moves. But now I’m confident in all my movements. I’m moving faster. I can slide better. Having new hips is great.

On what his goals are for his sophomore season

One of my goals is to crack the rotation. Make an impact for the team. I had to sit and watch for a long time last year. I was dying to play. So this year I want the opportunity to be able to play, come in and make an impact.

Anderson Varejao 

On joining the Warriors in the second half of last season

I got here and the team couldn’t lose a game. It was like on the road, winning every game. And to me it was one of those things where I just have to fit in and not try anything crazy, which I would never do. But it was just a delicate situation with a team that wasn’t losing.

On new assistant coach Mike Brown

My 13th season is about to start and Mike Brown coached me for eight years of my NBA career. Mike Brown is a very good coach. He’s a coach that knows a lot about x’s and o’s. Sometimes I tell him that it’s a little annoying because he’s really into the details. If he tells you to be on one spot and you are just an inch away, he’s going to tell you to go back there. I think he’s going to really help this team, especially with the little details that he’s good at.

On whether he will accept the ring from the Cleveland Cavaliers

I haven’t made my decision yet. Not sure what’s going to happen. I really didn’t put much thought into it. Just focusing on starting this season and trying to win the ring here.

Stephen Curry 

On Colin Kaepernick and national anthem protests

I respect everybody’s voice, everybody’s platform and their opportunity and right to protest what they feel in their heart is something they want to change. I’ve said it plenty of times about Colin. I respect what he’s doing. I respect the message that he’s fighting for and I hope all the spotlight is on that particular message and the things that we can do to make changes that are blatantly obvious we need to change. I hope going forward it’s not about who’s raising their fists, who’s kneeling, who’s standing, who’s doing this and that. It’s about what Colin and the other guys’ message is and what we don’t want to stand for anymore.

On the unrest in Charlotte

It’s another experience and opportunity for people to use their voice. You don’t ever want it to be violent. The first night in Charlotte it turned that way, and that’s tough to see, especially growing up in that city. I know that’s not what we’re about, who we are as Charlotteans. You don’t ever want to be in that negative spotlight. But as it went forward everything was very constructive and productive. I think It made a huge turn for the greater good of taking a stand and doing what you can to make your voice be heard.

On Kevin Durant’s game

He’s a well-rounded player. He does score the ball at a high rate and can do it all sorts of different ways. But in our offense, the way we’ve gotten to where we are as a team, even before KD, is about ball movement, player movement and has a flow and rhythm to it. There’s not a lot of standing. There’s not a lot of 1-on-1 kind of stuff. So thinking about how he’ll transition into it, he can do all of that at a very high level. He can pass. He can move without the ball. He has a very high basketball IQ when it comes to where he needs to be on the floor and how he can work off other guys. I know he just wants to play the game the right way. I heard that coming from his mouth. So that fits in right to our identity.


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